Shiny Venusaur

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There is a large flower on Venusaur's back. The flower is said to take on vivid colors if it gets plenty of nutrition and sunlight. The flower's aroma soothes the emotions of people.

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34 people rated this shiny Pokémon
  • Tami1777
    guest15 August 2023

    So cool! Totally different than normal version

  • Anonymous
    guest23 May 2023

    Vanasur's my favorite starter, which is why I chose it.

  • VyperMusic
    trainer21 May 2023

    Like Ivysaur, the flower is yellow, and I don't love how it looks, but it's alright.

  • Anonymous
    guest18 May 2023

    I really want one.

  • Darren
    guest11 April 2023

    I have a shiny venusaur

  • david7869
    beginner1 April 2023

    Pretty good, i really like the flower.

  • BloodyglitchX
    guest1 April 2023

    venusaur get's a star taking away because i hate the regular venusaur.

  • ElectricGymLeader315
    talented25 March 2023

    I quite like the color. It has a yellow, Which is enjoyable! A rarity among shiny pokemon.

  • Kunyomi
    senior23 March 2023

    I really love these colors for the Bulba line (though they are sadly not as good on Bulboi himself), the fact it is still primarily green doesn't b... read more

  • Me
    guest14 February 2023

    I think Venusaur has the best shiny yet

  • Venusaur is better than Charizard 1010
    guest14 February 2023

    Golden shinies are the best ( maybe besides black), and Venusaur is my favorite.

  • Callum
    guest25 January 2023

    Very fitting for Venusaur, I love shuttle changes for shiny pokemon

  • Tully Blimpp-Grelton
    expert11 January 2023

    could have been spectacular, but is quite lame.

  • BlytheWestchild
    expert8 January 2023

    Again, if only the flower changed and the 'saur didnt look sick

More information

Shiny Venusaur

Venusaur was released with the game launch on July 6th, 2016. Shiny Venusaur was released on the third Community Day on March 25th, 2018. During the Community Day event, players had an increased chance of encountering a shiny Bulbasaur and its evolutions, including Venusaur. Shiny Venusaur remains one of the most sought-after shiny Pokémon in the game.

Venusaur is a squat, quadrupedal Pokémon with bumpy, blue-green skin. In the shiny version of Venusaur, its colors turn green and yellow, which makes it stand out from its non-shiny counterpart. Its flower changes from pink to a vibrant shade of yellow, while its leaves turn from green to a striking blue-green color. It has small, circular red eyes; a short, blunt snout; and a wide mouth with two pointed teeth in the upper jaw and four in the lower jaw. On top of its head are small, pointed ears with reddish pink insides. It has three clawed toes on each foot. The bud on its back has bloomed into a large pink, white-spotted flower. The flower is supported by a thick, brown trunk surrounded by green fronds. A female Venusaur will have a seed in the center of its flower.

Venusaur uses its flower to catch the sun's rays to convert them into energy, which causes the flower to become more vibrant. The flower releases a soothing scent that attracts Pokémon and calms emotions. This scent becomes stronger after a rainy day. In the anime, Venusaur has demonstrated the ability to manipulate nature, release several vines from its back, and lead evolution ceremonies for Bulbasaur and Ivysaur. This Pokémon is rarely found in the wild, but it has been known to inhabit grasslands. Its second type is poison, it can shot venomous shots from its flower.

In summary, Shiny Venusaur is a rare and highly coveted Pokémon in the game. Its shiny version stands out with its striking green and yellow colors, making it a must-have for many collectors. Its ability to manipulate nature and calm emotions with its flower makes it a valuable addition to any trainer's team. Don't miss your chance to catch a Shiny Venusaur during future Community Day events or while exploring grasslands in the game! Logo
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